***IAC Presents: The Effective Board Seminar***


The Insurance Association of the Caribbean Inc., plans to host the seminar entitled“The Effective Board” as advertised in the 2018 IAC Training and Education Calendar.


Seminar Objectives


Participants will understand the Director and Board as being responsible for an organisation’s Corporate Governance. It looks at the role, duties and legal responsibilities of a Director, and at the workings of a Board. In particular, the course sets the context in which the Director and Board work, creating a climate that is entrepreneurial in nature, where risks are managed within an increasingly global regulated environment.


Please let us know, by responding to this email, if you and/or your colleagues would be interested in attending this seminar. Event particulars are as follows:


Seminar Theme:


The Effective Board



Registration Details:


·    Registration Fee:                IAC Members – $1,500

Non Members – $1,650


·    Venue:                                  Dadeland Marriott, Miami


·    Date:                                     Dec 3-4, 2018


·    Hotel Rate:                           Group Rate to be negotiated on confirmation of seminar


·    Confirmed Facilitator        Paul Munden, Lead Tutor, Institute of Directors, London.

                                    Chartered Director, Commercial Law Barrister


Module content

Day One


1. The Board’s Corporate Governance role

·        Evolving concepts of Corporate Governance

·        Governance principles and codes of best practice for companies and regulated industries in major jurisdictions including the US, Europe and the Caribbean including the impact on the board of working across jurisdictions

·        The Board’s role in Corporate Governance

·        Differences in the role of the Board, Shareholders and Management

·        Effective internal controls


2. The legal and regulatory environment for a Board of an Insurance Company

·        The concept of the insurance corporation as a separate legal entity and the concept of limited liability as it relates to its directors and officers

·        The concept of special purpose vehicles and the parent/subsidiary relationship and the Board’s relationship with its shareholders

·        Legal and regulatory environment including the legal principles underlying insolvency


3. The Director’s role

·        Directors’ statutory duties including the identification and mitigation of conflicts of interest

·        Types of director – de facto, alternates, nominees, shadow and associate directors



Day Two


4. Board structure, operations and practice

·        The role of the Chairman in leading the Board and the Chairman’s relationship with the CEO and Executive Management

·        The role of the Non-Executive Director including best practice around assurance and challenge.

·        The roles and tasks of a Board

·        Delegation to management including best practice around board terms of reference

·        Board structure, composition and skills

·        Board Committees including Audit, Risk, Governance, Compensation and Nomination committees

·        Board business cycle

·        Board dysfunction

·     Effective Board meetings including: best practice in setting agendas, writing effectual Board papers and the role these play in effective decision making, and compiling legally sound minutes



5. Strategic organizational risk evaluation and management

·        Principles of risk management

·        Risk assessment and management

·        Defining risk appetite and best practice enterprise risk management tools

·        Risk v entrepreneurial decisions

·        Establishing a risk culture


6. Stakeholder management

·        The concept of stakeholder management

·        Stakeholder mapping



Kindly respond to this email indicating your interest and/or feedback in order for us to confirm the timing of the course.Please contact us via email on or before 15 August 2018.


We thank you for your cooperation.