Majority of employees tired at work: National Safety Council

Louise Esola

Source: Business Insurance

10/1/2018 1:48:00 PM

Sixty-nine percent of employees surveyed recently reported that they are tired at work, raising workplace safety concerns as many of those employees work in safety-critical jobs, according to a report released Monday by the National Safety Council.


The Itasca, Illinois-based organization’s report is the third in a series on workplace fatigue and exposes a gap between how employees and employers view the risks and consequences of being tired at work, according to a statement.


The survey included input from 2,110 employees, a majority in manufacturing, transportation, and utilities, and 504 employers.


While 90% of employers feel the impact of fatigue on their organizations, including observing safety incidents involving tired employees and declines in productivity, just 72% of workers view being tired as a safety issue.


The report also revealed that:

  • 97% of employers in the transportation industry feel the impact of fatigue — the highest among all safety-critical industries NSC reported on;
  • Nearly all — 95% — of employers in utilities said it is unsafe to drive while tired, but just 66% of employees in that industry agreed;
  • 100% of construction workers report having at least one risk factor for fatigue;
  • 46% of construction workers say they work during high-risk hours, such as at night or early morning;
  • Transportation industry employees who reported at least one risk factor for fatigue cited long shifts (42%) and sleep loss (48%).