COVID-19 Vaccine Coming to Cayman in January

About the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is coming to the Cayman Islands in January, after receiving emergency approval from health regulatory agencies around the world.

Shipping the vaccine to the Cayman Islands requires that an ultra-cold chain of storage is maintained from the departure to the vaccine’s arrival in the Cayman Islands. The UK and CI Governments and the local healthcare communities are already working to manage these requirements.

There is also expected to be a limited initial supply of the vaccine until more types of vaccine become available.

Cayman Islands National Vaccination Plan

Stage 1

  • Group A
    • Residents and staff of institutional facilities
    • Individuals aged 70+
    • Healthcare workers and first responders
    • All frontline staff dealing with incoming travellers
  • Group B
    • Adults 60+ or with a relevant health status
  • Group C
    • Workers essential to Government continuity

Stage 2

  • Anyone aged 16-60 with relevant medical status
  • Those living at home with persons from stage one of the programme
  • Essential workers, teachers, school staff

Stage 3

  • Everyone 16+ who has not already received the vaccination.
    • This will begin with persons aged 50+

Screening will continue, impact on travel

Regular PCR screening for the virus that causes COVID-19 continues with safety restrictions for healthcare workers, healthcare establishments, nursing homes and prisons.

Those involved in hospitality will be screened periodically for COVID-19 disease.

Travellers who complete a course of the vaccine and test negative on arrival will be exempt from quarantine. This is provided other residents of their household have been vaccinated. These persons must also undergo repeated testing on days 0, 5, 10, 15 after arrival.

Vaccination cards required

Persons will need to bring their vaccination cards along to the vaccination site to be stamped. If you do not have your record, you will be given a paper record of your first vaccination that must be brought to your second injection after three weeks.

UK support

The first batch of vaccines set to arrive in the Cayman Islands will come from the UK through the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office at no cost to the Cayman Islands.

Note on age and risk

Current evidence strongly indicates that the single greatest risk of death from COVID-19 is increasing age. Risk also increases exponentially with age. As such the optimal strategy for minimising future deaths is to offer vaccination to older age groups first.