Career Opportunities in Insurance

Specific Career Roles

Claims Inspector

They are employed directly with an insurance company and are responsible for accessing of liability as the result of a claim, approving repair and payments and managing the entire claims process to completion.

Qualification: Preference is given to persons with college degrees or a background in insurance. A lot of training is acquired on the job. For Health insurance persons with a nursing degree may be preferred. 

Insurance Underwriter

Is responsible for assessing the risk of an application (insured/insured’s property), determining insurability, identifying relevant terms and identifying a premium to effect coverage.

Qualifications: Because of the varied skill set a College graduate is preferred but on the job training is a possibility supplemented with studying for professional insurance qualifications. 

Insurance Risk Surveyor

They review properties, mechanical and industrial plants, constructions sites, and vehicles to provide the underwriter with detailed reports concerning the risk.

Qualifications: A degree is not a prerequisite but it is becoming more and more common place for these professional to hold college degrees with specialist qualifications in areas such as building surveying, engineering or health and safety. 


An actuary provides advice on financial risk using their knowledge of statistics, probability and investment theory to assist with pricing, reserving and the overall strategic direction of an insurance company.

Qualifications: A College degree in a math, statistics, economic or actuary science subject is sought after for this role. Significant on the job and professional training is required for this role

Non-Specific Career Roles

Human Resources

HR professionals play a vital role in Insurance Companies. Managing the workforce and enabling training and development are integral functions of the HR department.

Qualification: Associate or Bachelors’ degree in human resources or management.

Admin Assistant

Assisting in filing and other operational tasks necessary in an office setting.

Qualifications: High school diploma with 3 or 4 passes at CXC or Cambridge or equivalent. 

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance positions exist in all Insurance Companies. They manage the money and reporting aspect of the business.

Qualification: A bachelors’ degree in Account or Finance is very beneficial in pursuing a career in Accounting or Finance. Certifications such as CPA’s (Certified Public Accountant) or CA’s (Certified Accountant) are often a requirement for high level positions in Accounting and Finance.

Marketing Representative

Plans and carries out the companies’ promotional activities.

Qualifications: A Bachelors’ degree in Marketing is generally preferred.

IT Support

Set up and maintain computer software and hardware systems.

Qualifications: A Bachelors’ in computer science or professional computing qualifications