Property & Casualty Insurance

Property insurance and casualty insurance (aka P&C insurance) are types of insurance coverage that helps protect you and the property you own.

Property insurance is coverage for your stuff if something bad happens to it:

  • Your Home
  • Your Car
  • Your Business building

Casualty insurance is coverage for bad things that happens to other people because of you:

  • Your car hits another car and causes bodily injury
  • Your dog bites a neighbor
  • A friend falls down the stairs
  • Your employee get insured whilst working

Homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance helps protect home and belongings against covered perils, such as, theft, fire or hurricane.

Motor insurance

Motor insurance helps protect your vehicle and you (depending on the coverage).  There are third party cover which is legally required to have liability coverage and comprehensive cover which protects your vehicle, third party vehicle + liability cover.

Business or Strata insurance

Business or Strata insurance helps protect business buildings against covered perils, such as, fire or hurricane.

Public Liability insurance

Public Liability insurance helps protect against a lawsuit should you be negligent to others e.g. slips and falls.

Employers insurance

Employers insurance helps protect against injury whilst on the job.

Theft insurance

Theft insurance helps protect against losses due a burglary or robbery to a business premises.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption help protect business income in an event a event interrupts the operation of the business